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Obtain a Quote

You can email/ fax/ phone us the info needed

                     - - OR - -

easily obtain a quote for approval from the website, including the shipping charge. 


1. Choose your stamp. You can also use the "Stamp Wizard" (located in column on left) which will suggest different units. 


2. Select "Customize"


3. Select quantity, ink color, input your text, select font and size.


4. Select "Preview" which will show how the stamp will look. Change as needed, selecting "preview" each time to show the changes.


5. When you are satisfied with the text, select "Add to cart".


6. Select "Checkout" (or if multiple type of orders - "Shopping Cart" located at top of page.)


7. If you are a new user, Fill out the form. It is used to auto-place your shipping address and your tax exempt status. (You can type in: "Government", in the tax code box). Select "continue".


8. You can change the Shipping address if needed. Select "continue".


9. Select your shipping method. (1st class mail is selected by default) Select payment option.  The purchase order box can be your Request Quote number. Otherwise you can select - telephone, mail or fax and the same results will be achieved. Select "continue".


10. PRINT THIS PAGE! You now have the completed quote, including the shipping charges. DO NOT SELECT "PLACE ORDER" unless you are ready to order!


11.  Log-out of website if you are done, or click "Home" at bottom of page.


12.  To delete this quote, go to your "Shopping Cart" and simply select "delete". This will clear the cart so that on your next quote, it will not include any previous ones.